What's my deal?

So Eric, what's your deal dude?

I appreciate you taking your time to ask! My name is Eric. I love art and music, I've traveled the world, and have had an incredible life. I've also lived with intense chronic pain for over 2 1/2 decades, suffered and overcome depression and anxiety caused by childhood traumas, and most recently am seriously kicking Cancer's a$$. I created this place to help support forward thinking organizations that will help others never have to go through what I have, to help young artists all around the world, so that both may a wonderful life, and to humbly share some of my mediocre artistic abilities. My goal is to provide you with dope fashion, art, skate gear, and lifestyle accessories that will help give you freedoms back and make your life a little more happy, while having the hopes of eventually being able to donate ALL profits made here to programs and artists that will help make all of your lives better in every way. I feel that you deserve that, we all love you here at Trippies.Org 

I will add more as time permits, as well include some information about programs and artists that I feel promote freedom and a better way of life for our future.



Enter Brave. Brave is the browser re-imagined. Brave starts by putting you back in charge. Brave provides substantial improvements in speed, privacy, security, performance, and battery life — typical page loads are 3x to 6x 5 faster in Brave.8 Brave does this by blocking data-grabbing trackers and invasive ads. If you use Brave, you have the choice to opt-in to privacy respecting ads and receive rewards in frequent flier-like tokens for the ads you view. These tokens can be used to support content creators: website operators, and anyone who publishes to YouTube, Twitch, GitHub, Twitter and any number of other sites. Support the people who make the things you love. Or, you can keep the tokens and exchange them for currency. Early next year, it’ll also be possible to redeem them for subscriptions, gift cards, discounts and more. This is all possible because Brave is built on top of the first global private ad platform, designed from the start to value your attention and privacy — and to provide a sustainable economic foundation for content creators. 8 See full test details later. Brave is a super powered browser that gives you unprecedented speed, privacy, security and battery-life. It’s integrated with the first global private ad platform that rewards you when you opt in to see privacy respecting ads. You can keep the rewards, or pay it forward to the content creators you love. Brave is built on the solid foundation provided by Chromium and the Blink rendering engine, with all Google’s tracking and signalling removed. Chromium and Blink give Brave a fast, modern, secure browsing core that is supported by web and extension developers. This robust baseline lets the Brave team focus on the features which protect your privacy, reward you for browsing, and support the sites you love. Using Brave today gives you a glimpse into a future where your privacy is respected and you directly support the sites 6 you visit. It works with your favorite Chrome extensions so switching over is a breeze. You’ll appreciate the streamlined look, and you’ll love how much faster it feels. Brave is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, in 52 different languages and is used by over 8 million people monthly, worldwide. Brave has 300,000 verified content creators,9 including The Washington Post, The Guardian, Slate, Wikipedia, & the Los Angeles Times and major brands advertising, including Intel, Pizza Hut, Home Chef and more.

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